bitcoin in frankfurt
Kartenvorverkauf Emir Leipzigerstr 90 Frankfurt


Why did you decide to accept bitcoins?

A good friend of mine that made a lot of money with bitcoin told me about bitcoin. I then read more about it and decided to start accepting it. Personly I don´t think to highly of the current financial system and I think bitcoin is a great. If someobne wants to pay with bitcoin then I can just scan a QR code. It is easy to use, no big deal.

How long have you been accepting bitcoins?

Nearly 5 or 6 months, allthough a few people have asked what bitcoin is so far nobody has bought anything with bitcoin.

What do you sell here at the shop?

We sell tickets to all events that are offered at adticket that includes a wide range of concerts as well football matches and other sports events. We also offer soft drinks, tobacco, cigars, beer, wine, spirts, lottery, newspapers and magazines. We are open 7 days a week and on most holidays. We use to get the latest bitcoin price.
Kiosk Filiz Demir – Frankfurt am Main Leipziger Strasse 81 60487



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