The 5th meeting of the Frankfurt Bitcoin community took place on Thursday the 12th of December 2013. The amount of people at the meetings has grown as the price of Bitcoin and we had to move into a bigger room at the Zentrale FFM. Hopefully the growth of the group and Bitcoin will continue into 2014.  

The main topic of the meeting this time was a presentation about „technical analysis“ from one of the founding members Winfred Strauss. The presentation was full of detailed information about the what,where, when and why of technical analysis: falling triangles, candle charts, moving averages. So far all the analysis shows that „buy and hold“ is one of the best strategies. You can check out the contents of the presentation here (in German)
The BTC1k-Party team also gave us an update. The Bitcoin course really have them a few sleepless nights. What at the last meeting as really far in the future seemed (Bitcoin price at the meeting in Nov was around 350$) suddenly was a reality. Thanks to the main sponsors Bits of Proof you can now get your tickets to the party for 1 BTC. This probably the first „real world“ use of the „colored coins“ concept for tickets. This shows one of the many uses of the block chain, not only is Bitcoin a currency but has many other uses of which we will see more of in 2014. 

The meeting was reported on by the Wall Street Journal (in German)