Bitcoin IsrealGraffiti near the future Bitcoin Embassy

Recently a member of Bitcoin Frankfurt had the chance to visit the Israeli Bitcoin community and check out what they are up to. During the vist he was able to exchange ideas with well known Bitcoiners such as Meni Rosenfeld, Ron Gross and Vitalik Buterin (who has written well researched articles for Bitcoin Magazine). While visiting you could see just how active the local Bitcoin scene is. They lived up to the reputation as one of the most ambitous Bitcoin scenes in the world.

While Isreali Bitcoin startups eagerly look for possiblities to expand their business ideas in to the market, more technical orientied Bitcoiners like Meni Rosenfeld ( and Ron Gross ( have the goal of creating solutions based on the Bitcoin protocol that will revolutionize transactions. The impressive symbiosis of technical inovation and the following economic utilization is attractting other bright minds from areas like Social Media Marketings which want to help with their expertise.

The Israeli Bitcoin Embassy (which is still being organized) has its symbolic location in the financial center of Tel-Aviv right across from the skyscrapers of the Isreali stock market. This will be a meeting point for the community as well as a co-working space for diverse Bitcoin startups. This is going to help bring the community to another level.

One thing that should not be forgotten is the warm, open and friendly way they treated their guest from Frankfurt. Both sides were very interested in working together on future economic and political projects dealing with Bitcoin (decentralization and the promotion of the “bottom -up- principle) in the light of the formation of a possible national, regional or worldwide Bitcoin organzation. For details check out the interview sereis with Meni Rosenfeld and Ron Gross in Bitcoin Magazine:

In episode 1 of the new youtube format of the Israeli Bitcoin community is the “Bitcoin Think Tank” whose goal is to regularly have discussions with Bitcoin experts and possible international guests to talk about current topics and fundamental themes dealing with Bitcoin.