Bitcoin Meetup Frankfurt 11.09.2014

On 11.09.2014 the Frankfurt Bitcoin Usergroup will host a meetup at our long time supporters venue Die Zentrale Co-Working space.

This time Anka Hakert from the law firm Winheller is going to give us an update on tax law and Bitcoin in Germany.

Afterwards is open discussion and networking. If you are new to bitcoin and have questions we would be happy to help you. Also if you need someone to help you translate from German to English so you can partipate in the discussion then just let us know.

Die Zentale is located in Frankfurt-Bornheim directly above the movie theater “Berger Kino” which is really easy to find on Bergerstr. near the station. Walk as if you are going to the movies, on the left side before you enter the theater are the stairs.

Berger Straße 175 | 60385 Frankfurt
Stop Bornheim Mitte: U4 (Exit Wiesenstraße) | Tram 12 | Bus 34


bitcoin lawyer

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Kiosk Filiz Demir accepts Bitcoins – Frankfurt Leipziger Str.

bitcoin in frankfurt
Kartenvorverkauf Emir Leipzigerstr 90 Frankfurt


Why did you decide to accept bitcoins?

A good friend of mine that made a lot of money with bitcoin told me about bitcoin. I then read more about it and decided to start accepting it. Personly I don´t think to highly of the current financial system and I think bitcoin is a great. If someobne wants to pay with bitcoin then I can just scan a QR code. It is easy to use, no big deal.

How long have you been accepting bitcoins?

Nearly 5 or 6 months, allthough a few people have asked what bitcoin is so far nobody has bought anything with bitcoin.

What do you sell here at the shop?

We sell tickets to all events that are offered at adticket that includes a wide range of concerts as well football matches and other sports events. We also offer soft drinks, tobacco, cigars, beer, wine, spirts, lottery, newspapers and magazines. We are open 7 days a week and on most holidays. We use to get the latest bitcoin price.
Kiosk Filiz Demir – Frankfurt am Main Leipziger Strasse 81 60487



buy cigars with bitcoin
Buy some cigars with bitcoin!
buy drinks with bitcoin

newspapers for bitcoin

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2nd Meeting 2014

On February 13th the 2nd meeting of 2014 took place at the normal location Zentrale FFM. A few members were missing because they were at the “Inside Bitcoin Conference” in Berlin. Despite the the big event in Berlin there were a few new faces at the meeting.

Bastian aka “qwk” presented his concept of a “Zweckgeminschaft Bitcoin” (partnership of convenience for Bitcoin until I can find a better translation). The idea is still in its infancy but has a big potential.

After the presentation there was an extended networking session with small discussions about topics about Gox, regulation, mining and the future of Bitcoin.

Thanks again to the Zentrale for hosting our event.

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A few updates

The Bitcoin Frankfurt Usergroup was invited to talk on a radio show at the local radio station Radio X on the German homepage you can listen to the hour long interview and discussion.

The Bitcoin Frankfurt Usergroup is now part of the Bitcoin Global Alliance

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First meeting of 2014

On Thursday the 9th of January the Bitcoin Usergroup met for the first time in 2014. The feeling that this year will be a big year for Bitcoin seemed to be a consensus.

About 30 people came to the event hosted by Zentrale FFM, to talk about the most disruptive technology since the internet.
The title of the presentation was “Bitcoin Valuation – An attempt to get a grip on fundamentals” by Bernd Blume. A valuation from the view point of an investor to put the value of Bitcoin in perspective. Included in the valuation were theories from the “investment guru” Warren Buffett -Value Investing- (as a contrast to the last user group meeting “technical Analysis”).  Value Investing deals more with the fundamental analysis of the investment in the long term. The main point is that value investors are interested in the inherit value. You can watch the presentation here (in German) or check out the webpage (in English!).

the website is currently offline


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Bitcoin-Economy Frankfurt/Rhein-Main #2

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with the Bitcoin-Economy Frankfurt Rhein-Main we want to introduce pioneers of the Bitcoin movement that accept Bitcoins for their products and services in our region so that you can get to know them a little better.

Our second interview is with Oliver Bünting (20) found and director of CryptoCoins Consulting Ltd. which concentrates on products and services dealing with Bitcoin/Crypto currencies.
The first product was introduced in 2013 at one of the Frankfurt meetups , the Pi-Wallet. The Pi-Wallet offers a safe and easy hardware solution to storing your Bitcoins.


Bitcoin Frankfurt:
Hello Oli! To start the question of all questions – When and how did you first hear about Bitcoin?
Oli: The first time I heard of Bitcoin was about 15 months ago. I had started with Forex trading and one article mentioned Bitcoins. I did some research and after a few hours I was in Bitcoin fever.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: At what point was it clear to you what disruptive potential Bitcoin possesses? Or was this more of a gradual process?
Oli: I think that I understood the possibilities but didn’t realize the size………..

Bitcoin Frankfurt:
You are a founding member of the local Bitcoin community in Frankfurt Rhein-Main. How did you find out about the community and why do you think it is important to network locally?
Oli: I found out about the meeting on I kind of tried to meet other Bitcoin enthusiasts in Darmstadt but I still have not managed to organize a meeting. I see the communities as the most important medium to spread the idea of Bitcoin into the masses.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: How do you think things have gone so far? Has anything surprised or disappointed you? What things would you like to do in the framework of the community?
I think we have made a lot of progress since our first meeting if you look at the organization and the quality of the meetings. Also positive is that more people come every time. We are really lucky that the Zentral gave us the possibility to meet there. Thanks Zentrale! I hope that in the future we can maybe meet more than once a month.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: What is your main motivation to promote the spread of Bitcoin?
Oli: I think the main motivation is the freedom that Bitcoin makes possible.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Lets talk about your business activities. Last year you founded CryptoCoins Consulting Ltd. Together with your partner Mario. When did you get the idea and what milestones have been reached so far?
Oli: Early in 2013 we got the idea of CryptoCoins Consulting. We were both Bitcoin enthusiasts and our IT knowhow complimented our idea well. I think our first milestone is the creation of the Hardware Wallet.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Your first product the Pi-Wallet offers a solution to the problem secure storage of your Bitcoins. When did you get the idea and what problems did you have in the implementation phase? What specific advantages does your product offer as opposed to the Trezor?
Oli: The idea for the Pi-Wallet came pretty fast. Personally I am a big Raspberry Pi friend and use 3 at the moment. As own cloud, mail server and of course for Bitcoin cold storage. At first I had my coins on a Bitcoin QT Client on a Pi. Then when Mario told me about Armory I thought „that´s it!“ compile Armory for Raspberry Pi. I didn’t realize it would be a nightmare and I spent 2 weeks 6 hours a day and deal with things like makefile-syntax. Our product is developed for long term storage of Bitcoins. It is affordable, totally offline and easy to use due to the software and hardware that is used.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: What projects do you have coming up? What vision do you have for your new company?
Oli: In the future we are going to continue to specialize on hardware wallets. We have come concrete goals and we will soon be able to offer them in our shop. Our vision is to establish ourselves in the area of hardware wallets, and to contribute to the safety of peoples Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Not surprisingly as a Bitcoin company you accept Bitcoin payments. What experience have you made? Can you comment on the critic that Bitcoin is not good for the sale of goods and services?
Oli: We exclusively accept Bitcoins as currency. With service provider Bitpay the transaction is finished in less than 15 minutes. We don´t have problems with paybacks or payments to banks.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Could you imagine participating in more activities in the near future – Non-profit or commercial- dealing with Bitcoin? Do you think that activities dealing with Bitcoin are going to have something to do with your future carrier?
Oli: I hope so, my dream is the be able to live from CryptoCoins Consulting. That reflects my current life rhythmic. I invest a lot more time in the company as my university education.


Bitcoin Frankfurt: Where do you see Bitcoin 5 years? Jörg Krämer the head economist at Commerzbank said that he doesn’t see Bitcoin play a role in the future since he can pay for his coffee with Euro.

Oli: I see the future of Bitcoin as a parallel currency that will be established in the internet. I think Bitcoin will take a similar position as Paypal, Western Union, and Skril. Bitcoin is built for the internet.
Bitcoin Frankfurt: Thanks for the interview.

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5th meeting


The 5th meeting of the Frankfurt Bitcoin community took place on Thursday the 12th of December 2013. The amount of people at the meetings has grown as the price of Bitcoin and we had to move into a bigger room at the Zentrale FFM. Hopefully the growth of the group and Bitcoin will continue into 2014.  

The main topic of the meeting this time was a presentation about „technical analysis“ from one of the founding members Winfred Strauss. The presentation was full of detailed information about the what,where, when and why of technical analysis: falling triangles, candle charts, moving averages. So far all the analysis shows that „buy and hold“ is one of the best strategies. You can check out the contents of the presentation here (in German)
The BTC1k-Party team also gave us an update. The Bitcoin course really have them a few sleepless nights. What at the last meeting as really far in the future seemed (Bitcoin price at the meeting in Nov was around 350$) suddenly was a reality. Thanks to the main sponsors Bits of Proof you can now get your tickets to the party for 1 BTC. This probably the first „real world“ use of the „colored coins“ concept for tickets. This shows one of the many uses of the block chain, not only is Bitcoin a currency but has many other uses of which we will see more of in 2014. 

The meeting was reported on by the Wall Street Journal (in German)

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4th Bitcoin-Frankfurt meeting

On Thursday the 14th of November 2013 the Bitcoin-Community Frankfurt came together for its fourth meeting, as usual at the Zentrale.

Almost one third of the 25 people at the meeting were new to the community and an “all time high” of people at the meeting was reached. The meeting room was overflowing and in the future meetings will be in a larger room.

This time we had three different topics that represented different spectrums of the Bitcoin Cosmos. To start Jeff Gallas from the Bundesverband Bitcoin (Germany wide Bitcoin organization) introduced the organization. He explained that the organization has a goal of being as democratic as possible in it´s organization and finance structure. There is also hope that the majority of Berlin Bitcoiners in the organization will be balanced out by people joining from other communities in Germany.

The second topic of the night dealt with the issue „how to I store my Bitcoins safely“? Frankfurt Community member Oliver Buentig and his partner Mario introduced for the first time what they had been working on in the past weeks. An offline wallet based on a raspberry pi and armory software that is cheaper in price than the „Trezor“ We hope to have an interview with Oliver Buenting (CEO Cryptocoins Consulting Ltd.) up on the site in the next few weeks. If you have any questions or would like to order an offline wallet then send contact Oliver at

The last topic from the team Timo, Markus and Eric is the ambitious project BTC1k-party which they presented to us. The goal is to have the Bitcoin media event of the year in Frankfurt to celebrate the historical 1000$ mark in the heart of the beast Frankfurt which is home to the European Central Bank (ECB), Trokia and many other bank headquarters. To order tickets go to and check out the forum thread

The next meeting will be on 12.12.2013 at the Zentrale. Topic is „Technical Chart Analysis’
Hope to see you there.

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Bitcoin Frankfurt in Israel

Bitcoin IsrealGraffiti near the future Bitcoin Embassy

Recently a member of Bitcoin Frankfurt had the chance to visit the Israeli Bitcoin community and check out what they are up to. During the vist he was able to exchange ideas with well known Bitcoiners such as Meni Rosenfeld, Ron Gross and Vitalik Buterin (who has written well researched articles for Bitcoin Magazine). While visiting you could see just how active the local Bitcoin scene is. They lived up to the reputation as one of the most ambitous Bitcoin scenes in the world.

While Isreali Bitcoin startups eagerly look for possiblities to expand their business ideas in to the market, more technical orientied Bitcoiners like Meni Rosenfeld ( and Ron Gross ( have the goal of creating solutions based on the Bitcoin protocol that will revolutionize transactions. The impressive symbiosis of technical inovation and the following economic utilization is attractting other bright minds from areas like Social Media Marketings which want to help with their expertise.

The Israeli Bitcoin Embassy (which is still being organized) has its symbolic location in the financial center of Tel-Aviv right across from the skyscrapers of the Isreali stock market. This will be a meeting point for the community as well as a co-working space for diverse Bitcoin startups. This is going to help bring the community to another level.

One thing that should not be forgotten is the warm, open and friendly way they treated their guest from Frankfurt. Both sides were very interested in working together on future economic and political projects dealing with Bitcoin (decentralization and the promotion of the “bottom -up- principle) in the light of the formation of a possible national, regional or worldwide Bitcoin organzation. For details check out the interview sereis with Meni Rosenfeld and Ron Gross in Bitcoin Magazine:

In episode 1 of the new youtube format of the Israeli Bitcoin community is the “Bitcoin Think Tank” whose goal is to regularly have discussions with Bitcoin experts and possible international guests to talk about current topics and fundamental themes dealing with Bitcoin.


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Bitcoin-Economy Frankfurt/Rhein-Main #1


In our new series of interviews “Bitcoin-Economy Frankfurt/Rhein-Main” we are going to introduce pioneers of the Bitcoin movement in our region that accept Bitcoins for their products and services.

The first interview of our series is with Aleksander Winter (24) operator of the LibertyStore which since February 2013 sells “Libertarian Propaganda” to mostly Anarcho-capitalist and Libertarian sympathizers.

Since the begining of June 2013 LibertyStore accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.  Alex is active in spreading the use of Bitcoin in and around the bank metropolis “the capital of the old financial system”.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Hello Alex! To start the question of all questions – How and when did you find out about Bitcoin?

Alex: Hey! Before I bought my first Bitcoins for about 9 Euros about a year ago I only knew that there was some kind of internet currency out there called “Bitcoin”. I really paid more attention when a friend of mine at university told me about how he was making a little bit of money with arbitrage and trading. I also took part a little and sold my Bitcoins that I earned from trading in January for 10,50€ each. I thought that was a high course. Even though I knew about Bitcoins I had not fully realized the revolutionary potential.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: You just mentioned it , at what point did you realize what disruptive potential Bitcoin has? Or was this more of a gradual process?

Alex: That would have to be sometime earlier this year during the bubble. Then I bought a bunch of Bitcoins and was looking for ways to integrate Bitcoins as a payment method in my online shop. The topic was going around the libertarian scene and that is why I decided to take a closer look. I read lots of articles and watched a lot of videos. Then there was no doubt: Bitcoin is much bigger than I thought.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: You are one of the founders of the local Bitcoin-Community in Frankfurt/Rhein-Main. How did you get involved and what motivation is behind it? What are you responsible for in the community?

Alex: The impulse to start a local group came from Dominik. We saw that there were Bitcoin user groups popping up all over Germany but in Frankfurt there was no group. We quickly agreed that we need to start a Bitcoin Frankfurt group. I made a flyer for the first meetup and created a simple website. Domink got a lot of people together through Bitcointalk. Today I am responsible for our website and social media as well as internal communication.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: From your point of view how have things gone so far? Are you surprised or disappointed so far? What things would you like to do in the community?

Alex: I was really suprised at just how many people were at the first meetup, which we can thank Dominik for. I think how the community is organized excellent. Self employed, companies, libertarians – nobody wants to make too many rules or requirements. This rebel spirit is important in the future promotion of a stateless currency.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: What is your main motivation to actively promote Bitcoin?

Alex: As a libertarian the idea that a virtual currency could rip the control away from the state and the bank cartels gives me goose bumps. Even better if I can help this to happen.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Lets get back to your business activities. At the begining of the year you started “LibertyStore” and you have been able to grow quickly and become an established part of the libertarian scene. When did you get the idea to start the store and what is the story behind it? What do you think of your progress so far?

Alex: Somewhere I heard the saying once “if you´re good at something , don´t do it for free”. As a hobby graphic artist I got the idea to start a project that I could continually work on and earn a little bit of Euro and later Bitcoin. So that I don´t lose motivation I have to have a connection to what I am doing. Something that comes from my heart and that is freedom. In February the start of the onlineshop exceeded my expectations.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: What moved you to start accepting Bitcoins as a payment option at your online shop in June? What has been your experience so far?

Alex: Bitcoin is in the core a liberating technology and automatically a libertarian opportunity. There was no question that I have to be prepared to accept Bitcoin. I desperately looked for a possibility to integrate Bitcoin into my shop system and I didn’t find anything. I had to change my shop system which cost me about one sleepless night. Even though I offer 20% discount for using Bitcoin only one out of every ten orders is paid with Bitcoin, and we are talking about libertarian circles. It looks like we have a long way to go, but the momentum is growing.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: On 29.11 there is another Bitcoin-Friday. Are you going to have any promotions to spread the popularity of Bitcoin?

Alex: Yes.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Could you imagine starting more projects (commercial or non-profit) having to do with Bitcoin in the future.

Alex: Definitely, maybe within our community a few commercial ideas will develop. I have a few concepts in my head already.

Bitcoin Frankfurt: Where do you see Bitcoin in 5 years? Jörg Krämer the head economist at Commerzbank said that he doesn’t see Bitcoin play a role in the future since he can pay for his coffee with Euro.

Alex: Sooner or later Commerzbank won´t play a role anymore.

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